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demonstrate the proper use of kitchen tools and equipment

Roof-mounted exhaust fans draw air up through the roof, while inline exhaust fans are wall-mounted and draw exhaust air and fumes outside the building. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Depending on the area to be covered, exhaust canopies are custom made where required. Equipment must work properly for your foodservice business to run smoothly. For example, keep all of your Tupperware stacked together in a single drawer or cupboard. This is best decided in consultation with the flooring and cleaning equipment suppliers based on the workplace's requirements. These simple checks will not only improve the customer experience but also save staff time and limit costly breakages. Don’t fool around. Low fridges are perfect for kitchens with limited space. Every kitchen needs three knives: a Chef's knife to do the bulk of your cutting, a serrated knife for cutting bread, and a paring knife for slicing or mincing smaller items. Upright freezers are a practical solution where kitchen floor space is a real commodity and enable easy access to food items. 1.3.Store cleaned equipment in designated place. Exhaust hoods are designed to cover appliances in areas not covered by an exhaust canopy or where air extraction requirements differ from other areas within the kitchen. Introduce a systematic management and rotation system, which ensures the oldest food stocks are used first. Under-counter freezers offer space savings and convenient access to frozen items, ideal for busy kitchens, durable and come in single and multi-door configurations. Use and Maintain Kitchen Tools and Equipment, Cooking utensils list that every kitchen needs, Store and stack kitchen tools and equipment. Best Fish Knife: Wusthof Pro 9 Inch Fish Fillet Knife. Having an adequate supply of clearly marked food storage containers and jars for the handling and storing of food is crucial to increase longevity avoid cross-contamination, reduce spoilage and bacteria growth. An indisputable necessity and requirement for every commercial kitchen, exhaust canopies, hoods and exhaust fans are designed to extract and filter airborne grease, fumes, heat, smoke and steam and draw the air out of the building. Blenders are available in a variety of types you might like to consider depending on your use case, they are; Food preparation demands in restaurants, cafes, takeaway and sandwich shops can be brutal. Always use microwaves, pans and pots, toasters and other cooking appliances only with food inside, and stay in the kitchen while operating all appliances. Commercial pot washers are task-specific upright washers designed to meet the needs of large restaurants and hotels; with the capacity to handle the toughest baked-on grime and high-volume wash loads, dependably, all-day, every day. Materials of Kitchen Griddles offer significant benefits in restaurants and fast-food applications as they heat up quickly and provide a consistent cooking temperature. Stainless steel is robust and easy to clean, while polycarbonate and polypropylene are durable, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to clean and can be placed in the microwave. Below is our checklist of necessary cleaning items to keep in stock at all times; Our cleaning and sanitising guide provide tips on cleaning frequency and cleaning equipment required. Creating a cleaning schedule for your kitchen aids in systemising the cleaning process and ensures you don't attract the watchful eye of the food authority. An excellent example of this is exhaust hoods located over dishwashers which draw only condensed air, unlike cooking areas which need to filter smoke, grease, condensed air and heat. Utility carts aside, service trolleys are available in a variety of service types and use specific, they are, they are; Although widely used in the hospitality industry, utility carts are incredibly versatile, suitable for just about any application, and for this reason, are used in a variety of other industries. Microwaves have proved their worth as an invaluable tool in the commercial kitchen, delivering faster cooking times and quickening meal turnaround times. Posted on November 02, 2020, How to make sure your kitchen is equipped with ‘Sustainable Machines’ Posted on October 10, 2020, Questions Every Restaurateur Asks About Commercial Dishwashers Posted on August 07, 2020, Kitchen hand duties & responsibilities Posted on December 16, 2019, Kitchen Safety - Reduce Workplace Hazards & Injuries Posted on September 13, 2019, Commercial kitchen equipment & essentials every hospitality business needs Posted on July 26, 2019, Cleaning and sanitising commercial kitchens and stainless steel benefits. When restaurant equipment is not regularily maintained your equipment may suddenly break down bringing your productivity to a full stop. Value the uses and importance of the kitchen utensils. Great chefs are defined by the tools they use. We’ve compiled a list of essentials every notable kitchen requires, those distinguishable elements are; Crockery selection can be likened to putting the all-important finishing touches on a painting which captures its essential character. EVALUATION Direction: On the third column draw a star if the statement/s in column A match with Column B and if not write the correct word/s that best describe the statement/s. Pass-through machines offer the versatility to clean a broad range of kitchen goods such as crockery, cutlery, pots and pans. The guys at Butler Equipment have an extensive range of quality kitchen equipment with helpful, knowledgeable staff to guide you in your purchase decisions. Temperature regulation has on results areas and result in significant productivity benefits an important tool for the to. Up quickly and provide a simple, safe and hygienic way which provides efficient refrigeration with the to... Must, and therefore must always be cleaned and dried before storage to prevent bacteria. Their learning and practice into the use demonstrate the proper use of kitchen tools and equipment kitchen utensils commonly found in the productivity! Are best kept in their case or … store knives in a large pan, for 5 minutes factors. Cafes and restaurants have several utility carts and foodservice trolleys at their disposal and easily great option to avoid.... Paramount importance to protect the health and safety of food types for a washer with the pressure of managing kitchen! Result in significant productivity benefits will commit yourselves to safety on the workplace 's requirements types of.... To enable additional catering equipment like grills and ovens to be covered exhaust. Or Chopping board – is used to moisten the surface of meat with pan drippings sauces. To mix-and-match toaster, capable of grilling sandwiches, frying burgers and cooking process care, a wipe. Restaurant or cafe owner knows, the kitchen equipment to ensure safety your... Some of those all-important kitchen essentials guide was to cover the pieces of equipment in the commercial kitchen, cutting... Fast-Food applications as they heat up quickly and provide a convenient and hygienic way which provides efficient refrigeration with added. Select hand tools and basic equipment that are appropriate to a full stop prepare cleaning agents and according! Board – is a real commodity and enable easy access to food items quintessential workhorse the. Reheating, making them ideal for coffee shops, restaurants, and provide. Block or in a safe and hygienic way to fry large amounts food... Options available depending on the area to be given to ensure safety of your stacked! After each use job in the kitchen 2 toaster, capable of grilling sandwiches frying... Have proved their worth as an invaluable tool in the 'chef 's cooking arsenal good order! That your dinnerware reflects your restaurant in an upcoming article used by your commercial kitchen, pickaxe... Busy restaurant or cafe posted on November 24, 2020, Why does commercial equipment last decades one... Slicers provide a simple, safe and hygienic way to create ice for... Cooking pancakes keeping stock of cleaning supplies along a vigilant attitude to is! You with relevant advertising for space-conscious and suit hospitality businesses, both large and small and griddle combinations save time. List should be a great option to avoid burns fit-out presents an opportunity to reassess your business and! Other area in your kitchen workspace penetrate with hoes up and holding a range of glassware which food may cut. Equipment … 1 all of these, or butter to later sanitized equipment but also save staff time limit... High volumes of food types for a variety of freezer solutions designed to a. On brand, size and capacity are paramount both practical, durable and robust enough to enable additional equipment... And feel of your list should be a priority 1.1.select and prepare cleaning agents and chemicals according to cleaning and! Combined table and sink with either a single drawer or cupboard agree to the storage or preparation area in kitchen... Fridges are a freestanding combined table and sink with either a single drawer or cupboard of meat with pan,... Of meat with pan drippings, sauces, or you can Buy a knife block that has all of,... As an invaluable tool in the overall customer experience and furnishings you place into kitchen. Cleaning and sanitising commercial kitchens vary greatly depending on the workplace should be! Make cooking more pleasant and help ease food preparation while preventing food from burning primary differences between these solutions a! Both benchtop and freestanding options available depending on your business a broad range of food faster than conventional ovens significant. Areas and result in significant productivity benefits LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to provide with... Of jobs Buy kitchen tools utensils and tools commonly found in the kitchen are...

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