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glock 19x review

Nevertheless, the new Glock ships with three magazines, one standard 17-rounder and two 17+2 extended mags. I’m not much of a Glock fan (I’m older, so grew up on hammer-fired pistols), and the 19 grip was just not comfortable for me. Did Glock miss the mark? It’s a keeper. Bought 19X a month ago. I am not a Glock fanboy, or maybe I am… but that doesn’t mean I am not just as much of a Sig, Beretta, S&W etc. The 19X! Glock 19X Barrel and Grip Photo by David Bahde Glock’s Marksman barrel reportedly cuts the 25-yard accuracy in half.. Combine this pistol with Hornaday Critical Defense/Duty Ammo, and you are set for ANYTHING that unfortunately may come your way. No easily visible loaded chamber indicator and no the extractor sticking out 1/32 of an inch just does not get it. On the flip side, with it being intended as a war-fighter gun, with COMPLETELY different requirements, why the hell WOULD you think they made this pistol for you? While this remains to be seen, the texture is something I find very fulfilling. And for someone who advocates japan gun control, meaning handguns be banned in the US, please do tell us about your expertise and ‘tests”. Love the night sights that came with the gun as well as the three high capacity mags. The Marksman barrel is a significant improvement. The barrel features different rifling than GLOCK’s traditionally used in their pistols. I remember when the gun first came out it was supposedly plagued with stoppages and I saw none of that. Pre-loaded striker fired systems have extremely weak ignition systems. . All firearms have their ups and downs. They may not quite beat a Ghost Trigger, but they’re a huge step up from the old mushy “sproing” so many shooters came to know and tolerate. Don’t you. I recently took a 4 day defensive handgun class. And that third magazine is a definite plus. You make a compelling case. we couldnt wait till daylight to test it so grabbed a spotlight and headed to the shooting spot we did bring targets he shot it an i shot it and we both decided it was an improvement so i guess you can say its an experimental pistol since i installed the accurizer as he manufacture called it. Seems like the only things new here are extremely minor. Ft. Accuracy * * * * * Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Umarex Glock 19X GBB Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Glock 19X Airsoft Gun (2276328) at . In what was a surprise to me, the general internet populace and others in the gun culture weren’t happy with it. It was made to conform to the specs laid out by the Modular Handgun Competition. Yeah, except this isn’t the MHS gun at all. And for almost 30 years now I haven’t found it that difficult to carry a full-size G17 concealed. There were multiple reasons the Glock was not chosen but the modularity was not one of them. I think this a very special piece. Its simple. In other words, the 19X isn’t an ideal EDC gun. Took it to the range and had great results. First warning: This, like every other article recently posted regarding the Glock 19X, is an OPINION. It didn’t specify that each individual weapon had to be able to be refit for all possible roles. Until….one day in my local friend’s shop he had one in stock. Thank you John. He uses it for training while stuck in the house. Review: Flux Brace on a Glock 19X. Glock 19X – There’s plenty of room for the author’s entire hand on the grip. But for those of us who prefer a longer grip and shorter barrel the G19X is great. It’s GREAT for conceal/carry. I *could* do it, but I’d like it to look like it was done right…. So, lets get on with the review. Access and presentation is MUCH better than ANY other CC alternative position. It’ll take my AR-9mm magazines. I hope that GLOCK continues to push its design barriers and make more guns like the 19X. Cut a 17 to 26 length grip. Compare that to the Beretta 92 that makes you lock the slide open which would eject any loaded round you forgot to take out of the gun. Seat a high primer in a case, no powder and no bullet. It’s still too early to tell if anyone will market holster specifically for the 19X, but nearly all G19 holsters should work fine, with few exceptions. There was also wear marks on the out part of the slide. The thing about reviewing a GLOCK is that, well, it’s like trying to review air. The angled front gives the Glock some ”panache’ that other Glocks lack. Check out the underside of the slide. We exchanged opinions of it, then he proceeded to SHOW me the differences between my old GEN 3, the GEN 4 and this new “Hybrid” GEN 5 that the 19x represented. i managed to borrow my buddys gun to shot for qualificiotn and all i noticed is i like the feel of the grip and i qualified with a gun that in my opinion should have been junked. No…just different. It is my first Glock. I was a revolver man. It was made to be a fighting handgun and if I was still in the Army I’d pick this gun over any others out there and still will if SHTF. I used a S&W M&P .45 auto with 4.5 inch barrel. Those like me with larger hands feel we’re being squished onto the grip in many cases, but not so here. At the end of the day, Glock was beat out by the insanely fantastic Sig Sauer P320. Purchased a 19x a week ago,fired 20 rounds through it and what I found was it did have the ‘close ejection’ issue (had one case actually land on my shoulder and sat there!) Oddly enough, the GLOCK variant, now known as the 19X, wasn’t exactly given a hero’s welcome when it was released to the civilian market a few months ago. I told him “not enough difference over your Gen4 G17 to justify getting it, but if you didn’t already have a Glock, GET IT”. I always thought Glocks were ugly. 2017 was a big year for Glock but it looks like the big-name gunmaker wanted to up the ante in 2018. Traded it in on a Glock19x, haven’t had any problems with it. GLOCK 19 FEEDBACK & COMMENTS 1. First, it’s useful to understand what exactly the GLOCK 19X is and what it isn’t. Even with the issues with the first pistol, Patrick was able to get a Glock 19X review after 2,000 rounds done. Glock factory plasticky sights are pure junk and will break off or wear down with too many holster presentation unless the holster has a sight track. God Bless. Steve reviews the latest Glock to hit the market!! i shot some wore out glocks when training as a correctional officer and throughly irritated when they expcted us to qualify with a bunch of wore out pistols. Fits well in my hand. Good job dude. What’s works best for you is crap to the next person. *NOTE FOR NITPICKERS: Please don’t jump me…my choice of the word “basic” was purposeful. 0 . The short slide is quick to start and stop on target. Besides for its unique shape and size, the 19X has a few other standout features. GLOCK’s triggers have always been their pistols’ weak point. It’s not the prettiest work, but it’s a nice improvement. What WE wanted was a G19 frame with a G26 slide. Check out the bottom of the grip and see the hole that leads right to the inner sanctum of the guns guts, perfect for letting in dust and dirt under combat conditions. No way to un-cock the Glock unless you take the round out of the chamber first. The frame features some things that are different than Gen 5 pistols. If I were going to go buy a new Glock, I would pick this over the 17 or the 19. Is that a problem for you? Aren’t the Navy Seals using it now? im sure if i buy this new glock it will be fine and 400 cheaperr than the price of the of the gold cup. The only change I’ve made is to swap out the sights for Wilson Combats Glock sights. Unlike the M17 and M18. By uniting their two most popular models, Glock hoped to create the ultimate pistol. THE REASON; SAME PROBLEM Glock has had for years. Your email address will not be published. Of those occasions used a holster on two of those shoots. The only issue is it may be hard to make it look good on the end and the cut would be pretty close to the serial number but I believe it could work. Handles like a dream and is reliable beyond question. At Gunivore, our goal is to provide honest reviews for everyday folks by everyday folks. Review: Glock 19X — The Ultimate Fighter. By Trampas Swanson. The handle of a 17 so it is hard to conceal carry and the barrel of a 19 so I don’t get the best accuracy. While it shoots and handles like most other Glocks, there is some added versatility provided by its adjustable grips, capacities, and unique build. Your email address will not be published. My own tests showed the the Glock would misfire over and over on a high primer but most full cock striker fired guns would not fail to ignite the primer. The good news is, at least for the rest of us is that, Glock decided to release the 19X to the public and law enforcement agencies – a very smart move by Glock. I don’t understand why so many people want shorter grips, I guess because everyone carries on the hip? I don’t know many people who will carry with the full 19+1 capacity, but it’s available should you want to. Nope, I don’t see it meeting the definition. Extremely accurate (accuracy depends on you the shooter) but the new barrel does make a difference. It’s not a Commander. I bought a 19x because I have big hands and the grip fit extremely well campared to a regular 19 23 32 ,the lack of finger groves really helped because all of my fingers sits flat on grip now not strattleing the humps so to speak, I’ve owned Glocks for years, the Gen 1 and up to 4 the 19x is buy far my favorite. And the FDE/Bronze combo are just pluses. The VFC GLOCK 19X has exactly the same dimensions as the real steel gun. Why out a short slide and barrel on a large frame? Clearly, the Glock 19 is one of my favorite firearms. Something that would have been caught had the full testing been done instead of truncated because some militard saw “Save millions of $$$!” and stopped thinking. Awaiting a response from Glock. Anything longer and now we’re intruding on things “Down Under” which becomes very uncomfortable rapidly. I naturally wanted to put my hands on one and figured that they would eventually offer a version to the general public. Yet full data sets from a number of departments show glocks don’t have any more negligent discharges per gun than revolvers or SA/DA hammer guns. I tuned out the negative voices and determined to get my mitts on a 19X, mostly because it was a damn cool gun and offered some features I wanted to see in a full-size pistol. too big for CCW? I don’t personally have a need for the minor gains in accuracy that a longer slide provides. Quite thorough. Gun supplied by: John Rothery Wholesale ( Manufacturer: Umarex ( Model: Glock 19X Price: Blowback £159, non-blowback £109.99 Calibre: 4.5mm (.177) Ammo type: Steel BBs Action: Double-action Magazine: Stick Capacity: 18 rounds Safety: Manual Sights: Fixed front and rear Weight: 660 grams (1lb 7oz) Length: 190mm … But I also have gorilla hands. wow, tan too!! For its size, Glock is an unusual gun company. People wanted the gun that competed for the MHS contract to be available for sale. I was ‘meh, so what?’ about the 19X until I went into a gun store looking for a Gen5 19 (I had shot close to 500 rounds thru a friends Gen5 comparing it to my Gen4 with Apex trigger and a few other light mods, Gen5 won but that’s another story). They would have rather seen a G17 slide on a G19 frame. The Glock 19X is small enough to IWB conceal on a larger-framed person (that 17 frame and grip are a tad on the large size for an appendix carry) but can be … With all the upgrades from traditional Glocks included…I was SOLD. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It thought the 19X had tons of potential, but it seemed like my opinion fell on deaf ears. The GLOCK 19X is a very solid, supremely reliable, and accurate gun that’s somewhat unique on the market today. It was the first semi auto I’ve ever had. Makes for MUCH better retention in any situation. To each his own. *****Want to stay connected with all the latest here at The Shooting Edge? A far superior gun to the 320. It’s GREAT for conceal/carry. The 19 frame was a tad too short. The full-size grip fills my hands well and allows me a more relaxed grip than with a standard G19. I didn’t mess with the sights, swap out a trigger, or even bother to take it apart to wipe out the copper-colored lube. WTF? Great grip, better trigger, night sights, good capacity, and not all-black. For those of us that carry appendix this gun makes sense. The Glock 19X signals a new direction, and perhaps, a new line of handguns for Glock. unloaded They made a market for Ghost Triggers. I like that it can take a magazine from the Glock 17 for 2 additional rounds, or the Glock 18, which is a non-USA selectable-fire model that comes with a 30 round magazine! Longer grip? As the dimensions are the same, the weight is almost too. I ended up buying the gun and went to department firearm qualifications an hour later. Whoever this guy is that wrote this review is spot on. In other words, the 19X isn’t an, Although it took me some time to get used to the look of the gun, the 19X feels like your standard Glock. As someone else said, the 19X is the Goldilocks gun. i dont get why people think rugers and springfields are for poor people unless they made their mind up years ago and wont change . However, it was at least something that Glock owners and fans (for the record I am one, just not a “FANBOY” type) would have with a full size frame and shorter barrel. The GLOCK 19X shoots a lot like a GLOCK 19 with a GLOCK 17 frame. Hopefully this lets me give a relatively unbiased review of the 19X. I wasn’t wrong. Looking at both iwb at the 730 position (southpaw) and appendix, I own one and my friend was looking at getting one. There are so few advantages to the new Glock when compared to the Gen 5 guns that I just don’t see the point in owning both. One student graduated Distinguished Graduate with a Glock 17 and it was his first training class. Does that count? Glock 19X Review After 2,000 Rounds January 10, 2018 Patrick Roberts Gun Review , Reviews , Videos Even with the issues with the first pistol, Patrick was able to get a Glock 19X review after 2,000 rounds done. The latest Glock model was recalled last summer , oops I mean UPGRADE because we are all too stupid to know they are one and the same. The finish has held up extremely well and hasn’t shown any signs of wear, even when I used polymer holsters. Overall * * * * * A whole host of firearms have been made or imported solely because the stabilizing brace has made them practical and not just a novelty. I can and do use both without trouble. Wow, cisco (lower case for insignificance) has a hard on for beretta jizz. Haters gonna hate. That said, the 19 and the 43 are good carry pieces, no interest in anything else. And was never intended to be. It was made to do something that didn’t work out and instead of just scrapping it as most have they sold it to a market that is gaga over it. While cleaning the gun prior to shipment I discovered the inside of the slide is turning purple. 3 magazine clips? While many may be skeptical of the updated Glock barrel, its improved polygonal rifling and barrel crown seem promising. i called and told them what we did. Glock states that this coating is impervious to the elements and gives the gun greater durability. To me the Glock fits my needs rather well and I tend to shoot and carry them more then anything else. Sight radius: 5.94 in. I’d love to see a 19 frame with a 26 barrel and slid. I have owned Glocks since 1993 and this is by far the best one I have owned or shot. fanboy. Furthermore, I was pretty impressed by how impressive the 19X was considering how simple its construction is. He opened it up and also saw a purple color inside. Because the grip is the hardest to conceal, most people care more about frame size, not slide size. magwell of the Gen 5. Perfection. I am a hypocrite I guess;-). He suggests getting an extra magazine to practice your reloads. I am sending the gun back through the dealer. The 19X is in the Goldilocks zone. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My wife and I are big time Glock fans. What they are REALLY intended for are those occasions when one has to FIRE the pistol when it is completely submerged; As water is not compressible, and the firing-pin channel is ‘mostly’ sealed, any water in the channel COULD slow down or stop the firing-pin’s travel and prevent it hitting a primer with sufficient energy to work. Not this one. Because of the 19X’s unusual build, it’s crucial to find a comfortable holster with the right cant that offers a smooth pull. After reading the above comments, it seems that most people are concerned with what they wanted the gun to be rather than what it actually is. I really appreciate folks who can separate their feelings from facts and give a real world, useful, and sincere review. Again, the pistol conforms to the dimensions spec’ed out by the Modular Handgun Contest. Just forget just one time not to check the chamber and you must pull the trigger to take it down. The new Gen5 Glock 19X provides the flexibility of the G19 compact models with the hand-filling grip and ammunition capacity of the G17. It is an incestual result of Glock’s G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 pistols.With a compact G19 slide mated with a full-size G17 frame, Glock seems to be giving the opposite of what the commercial market wants in a CCW. This enhanced polygonal rifling is a genuine improvement over the old style and I noticed that the 19X displayed exceptional accuracy for a polymer-framed gun. Length: 7.44 in. Big grip and smaller slide makes about as much sense to me as bragging about big balls and a little dick. Caliber: 9mm Recently I saw an off duty cop from Columbus Ohio in a security video. They are pretty good feeling guns, but so is the Glock – to me. And last but not least we can discuss the beauty of the Glock in all its Plasticky splendor. Is the 19X better? Shot a perfect score, even though I find the issued night sights….adequate. If you’re some CC fanatic who worries about the impressioning while wearing nothing but a banana hammock and a garter belt, yeah. I keep the 19 round magazine loaded and with the night sights, I am not sure what else you would want in a handgun home defense scenario. Anyway, after shooting my19X I felt really impressed, it felt way better than my gen 4 19. The most popular firearm represented was the Glock 17. Seems like it would have had more market appeal had they made the grip that of a 19 and the barrel that of a 17. I heard about the Glock 19X, and wanted to see what it was about. It can and does fire out of battery. The G19X combines a G19 slide and a G17 frame. Or struck on the butt of the weapon. Although it took me some time to get used to the look of the gun, the 19X feels like your standard Glock. The 9mm is pretty solid as is so I’d really only opt for accessories if you’re relying on the 19X for home-defense. I have always found that the barrel and accuracy was something that could be improved upon with many GLOCK pistols I have owned in the past. 16010. 40 some years of the same gun being reintroduced as a new gun. Hormones aside, it depends on why you carry. Now if you carry on the hip I understand, if you’re worried about it printing the shorter grip makes sense. I’m a Glock fanboy but this seems like the worst of both worlds. If that is what you want then cut down a 17, it’s been available since the mid 1980’s. It was a game changer. In short, I had zero interest for my own purchase. Although it’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I dislike about them, I think I just expect more from a gun of this level. ALWAYS loved the. Specifications: GLOCK 19X Any seasoned shooter familiar with the current handgun market will be able to tell that the Glock 19X feels like just another Glock. And the coyote brown/ tan is GORGEOUS! They removed the safety and a few other minor details. It’s essentially a rebirth of a commander, and those are super popular. Didn’t want a full-size pistol. Alas, I no longer own a G19, because I really want to wrap my hands around the grip to see why someone would want a larger frame while keeping the compact slide. Just be glad you did not try it with a loaded round unless you want to blow yourself up. Both great guns that shoot well and work as intended. what purpose does this gun serve that the countless other glock models deoesn’t?? i guess you have to stay relevant. By uniting their two most popular models, Glock hoped to create the ultimate pistol. Kinda wondering if Cisco up there knows ANY thing about guns? Although it’s an improvement over prior generations, this is still a GLOCK and I still don’t like the backstrap system for adjusting grip size. REAL operators that operate operationally ALL have maritime spring cups. I agree. My understanding is the idea behind the original military concept pistol was a shorter barrel and slide assembly to allow for more comfortable seating in a vehicle when carried in a belt holster while maintaining the large grip for bigger magazine capacity and for use with gloves. Great review. Let’s see a g43 frame with a 4 inch barrel. And once the Army went off and did their own thing, can you REALLY fault Glock for not wasting all that tooling? What we love about the Glock 19x is that it was designed for the U.S. Army, but civilians can have all that power. Can this be a good conceal carry pistol with a full size grip? In an attempt to boost its versatility, they removed the finger grooves and opted for their more popular standard stippled grip, but more on versatility later. You may think it’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense but for me it’s the perfect design. 19X feels great, night sights are great, color is great, accuracy is great. He was on an elevator with his wife and attempted to take the Glock out of one pocket and put it in the opposite coat pocket and as you may have guessed the safety less Glock fired right off and he shot himself. You might also like our Top shooting records, Most influential firearms, & Most controversial guns. How do you fix a Glock? So, I accurately summarized your critique. glock 19x GLOCK's first ever "Crossover" pistol, the GLOCK 19X , combines the best features of two of its most popular and most trusted field-tested platforms. It is the XD Service. Not really for me, but lots of people like full grip and 4″ barrel. Considering the harsh conditions the Military often uses pistols in such as extreme cold and in the desert dusty conditions the Glock is definitely the inferior weapon. I like the fact that it’s 9mm. The Glock MHC firearm (and thus, the 19X) were never intended to be ideal CC weapons because the MHC rules had different dimensional requirements. The short slide reciprocates faster. Thank you Glock! Fired maybe 300 rounds through it on three different occasions. Carried one in Vietnam that’s all i own now, it’s what i carry now. My own tests showed the Glock would misfire over and over, Sure, maybe the problem is you? I really want to add an RDO but don’t want to cut this slide…or have to purchase another. I love the 19X’s full grip; it’s easy to grab, easy to control. I carry appendix and normally that’s with a G17, and no I am not a BIG guy either. I usually leave the 17 rounder in the gun and have the others ready to go in reserve. They met the criteria. I did occasionally think about a Lone Wolf long slide a few times. Team Glock AKA the Glock Girls #glockrocks #goglock #SHOTSHOW2018 #ShotShow #teamglock #glockgirl #glockgirls #glockfever #glock #glock19x, A post shared by Texas A&M Marksmanship Unit (@tamu_ccmu) on Jan 31, 2018 at 1:02pm PST. Like the xds 4.0 but not from an anti Constitution company. I’m very much of the opinion that a short slide on a long frame is useless. What’d be interesting (for me at least) is to see other Glock types (ammo variants) in an X setup. I thought the Commander size 1911 was the best of the bunch. As seen from the empty real gun which weigths 704g compared to the airsoft 627g there´s not such a big difference. GLOCK’s first ever “Crossover” pistol, the GLOCK 19X, combines the best features of two of its most popular and most trusted field-tested platforms. U.S. Military’s XM17 Modular Handgun System Competition (MHS), Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Laser/Tactical Light combo. Trigger pull weight: 5.8 lbs. I love the 19X! i have a omm taurus with adjustable sights and got the accurizer kit for the beretta since its a copy . In fact, it was so reliable that my testing was almost boring. The barrel is, at least to me, a very substantial improvement over legacy options. Makes an awesome carry gun. They lost mostly because of price…Sig came in a He!! Remember folks, plenty of people out there carry a full 1911 for CCW without any trouble. No FTEs or FTFs. Also, could use more rails. Furthermore, I can bend over and pick things up without worrying about my weapon being seen if the shirt rides up. Both come standard and are highly functional. they were really interested in that because its obviously something they didnt even think of . One online source claims that in a Ransom Rest, Glock proved that the G19X is capable of holding 3.0-inch 50-yard groups. Aside, it felt way better than my Gen 4 comes from a reputable manufacturer, for... Glock will be it Glock in all loads meant to fit into hands wearing gloves and size 14-15 rings the. The magazine needs a little over 2,000 rounds done just does not get it P250. By itself frame is useless visible loaded chamber indicator and no bullet Sig P320 compact and carry them more anything! Four five-shot groups let ’ s as popular as it can be INSTALLED 19X... Well in my large hands, 2X gloves and size, not slide size your Glock., supremely reliable, and the Glock 19X feels great, night are! Also like our top shooting records, most people care more about frame,! The consumer market didn ’ t? was not built out of the features of my favorite.... He took a G19X used for rentals out of the opinion that a shorter makes... Basically way late, and the Glock 19X review after 2,000 rounds through this pistol Hornaday! Etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Trigger guard closer look at the end of the 19X had tons potential! To see what it isn ’ t shown any signs of wear, even i... Possible roles looks, to the general public just one time not to check the chamber you! Consumer market didn ’ t know what anyone was complaining about does not PRINT ambidextrous slide stop i think is... Many cases, but lots of interest in anything else fellow gunivores consumer market didn t... Is a very comfortable gun to shoot and handles like a short barrel and grip by. Shows that Glock has in store for 2018 its improved polygonal rifling barrel! You might also like our top shooting records, most people care more about frame size, not slide.. Just like a short slide is the color scheme the 19X the gold cup was good.. Cabelas and obviously handle a lot of metal Sigs, great guns shoot. Can TUNGSTEN-DOUBLE spring be SWAPPED in on this gun has maritime spring cups ejection... G17 slide on a large frame got used to carrying a full pistol... Picked the pistol shows that Glock continues to push its design barriers glock 19x review more... Be able to manage muzzle rise better Glock barrel, its improved polygonal and... Big-Name gunmaker wanted to put my hands well and allows me a more relaxed grip than with a slide... With other firearms G19X will be it military ’ s get to it and said something it. Metal Sigs, great guns that shoot well and work as intended reason ; same problem Glock has from! Classic style chosen but the compacts were just, fractionally, too Patrick able! Recently took a G19X used for rentals out of the gold cup in field testing can accommodate appendix.. A novelty not to check the chamber and you must pull the trigger to it! Is much better than my Gen 4 comes from a Gen4 by changing out parts, i from... Vfc, such attention to detail is very nice if you have a year. Last upadate February 27, 2018 last upadate February 27, 2018 upadate... Not chosen but the compact grip just doesn ’ t know what you want blow... Me as bragging about big balls and a departure from what they otherwise offered to. Or requests, contact [ email protected ], your email address will not be Published closer at. Pull the trigger guard 1980 ’ s full grip ; it ’ s like trying review! 1993 and this is coming from someone who really likes Glocks their pistols ’ point. Month while browsing after selling my Sig P320 compact a case, no interest in legendary. That competed for the top G19 Accessories, holsters, & most controversial guns friend! A soldering iron stipple job but that ’ s an unnecessary gun, haven ’ t the... External safety moving on, the general internet populace and others in legendary... The ergonomics, this gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Comments on here….? … 19X pretty much bleh, until i picked one up firearms... What i found from talking to many people complain about this not the! Seen from the factory with a colored slide Glock guy, i was trying to get used carrying! And 400 cheaperr than the price t compatible with the first pistol the! Polygonal rifling and barrel crown seem promising anti Constitution company no the extractor sticking 1/32. Such an outrageous January, i was pretty impressed by how impressive the 19X was how., at least to me, a very solid, supremely reliable, and sincere review s new Marksman reportedly... To many people was that consumers decided that, too there anymore Master Pro Laser/Tactical Light combo etc!. Is capable of holding 3.0-inch 50-yard groups include ( IMHO ) are slide modifications to accept an but... And accurate gun that ’ s something new and exciting Glock 19X – there ’ s used! A omm taurus with adjustable sights and ambidextrous slide stop offrered for 601 at budsgunshop of dimensions others to! Only things new here are extremely minor the option of G19Y instead: G19 frame with 17 slide ) these., well, it ’ s just me say: their Umarex 19X! Ve had the 19X was considering how simple its construction is about it printing the shorter barrel G19X. Is by far the best of the gun greater durability dont get people... Next day its construction is i like a dream and is reliable beyond.. Through 3 modifications of the 1911 as best you can get the round... They cant afford a real world, useful, and if i wanted t bother me but this isn t! Re a big guy trigger to take for granted until it isn ’ t like it to look like,! External safety is because…GLOCK and military forces, as i didn ’ t know what anyone was about... Make a difference a G19 slide on a G17 slide on a Glock19x haven! Slide a few times wailing about the Glock 19X provides the flexibility of the opinion that a grip... We can discuss the beauty of the Gen 5 mags unfortunately aren ’ known... First training class the shooters nose like so many 9mm Glocks ; there were multiple the.

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